Crosshair V Formula-Z

Carte mère 990FX avec des technologies audio et network exclusives

Extreme Engine Digi+ : combinaison d'alimentation analogique et numérique
SupremeFX III : un son à couper le souffle
GameFirst II : toute la vitesse qu'il vous faut pour pwner !
Technologies NVIDIA® SLI™ / AMD CrossFireX™ 3-Way
Prise Intel® LAN Gigabit : une connexion réseau ultra rapide
BIOS UEFI : une interface utilisateur conviviale
Des performances audio et une vitesse de connexion survoltées
Compatible avec Windows 8

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Supercharged Audio and Ultrafast LAN

Ready-up for the next phase of AMD-based action and prep for the arrival of Windows 8 with the 990FX/SB950 chipset and exclusive ROG features. SupremeFX III and GameFirst II have you enjoying supercharged audio and ultra-fast LAN, giving your sound and online speed a boost so old boundaries are left in the past. ROG meets AMD-platform gaming and overclocking needs, loading up exclusive tuning features such as ROG Connect, USB BIOS Flashback, and Extreme Engine Digi+ II power delivery. For Windows 8, ROG gives you flexible Fast Boot choices, including 2-second boot up, DirectKey one-click BIOS access, and TPM Header security with better encryption. The giant 64MB BIOS ROM means ROG UEFI BIOS and more flexible firmware upgrades can be employed.

Crosshair V Formula-Z

Win 8-ready features

Crosshair V Formula-Z prepares gamers for the Windows 8 era with custom features that tap the new operating system’s architecture. The BIOS now uses a massive 64GB ROM that accommodates both the exclusive ASUS UEFI BIOS and more diverse firmware upgrade options, as added ROM space means more sophisticated BIOS versions with extra features. There’s also TPM Header motherboard security with tough encryption and system locking to keep intruders out, and Fast Boot, which lets you customize your boot sequence. Go for old school boot up with all hardware checked in the process, or opt for new 2-second system startup. And for instant BIOS access, Direct Key gets you into it at the press of a key with no need to keep hitting DEL.

Extreme Engine Digi+ II

The latest version of this exclusive ROG digital power delivery design uses 8+2+2 phase architecture, with strong components for highly stable overclocking. Dedicated CPU and memory digital VRMs mean both can be tuned with greater precision, with DDR3 DRAM easily reaching speeds over 2400MHz.

T-Topology memory

ROG scores another industry-leading achievement with advanced DRAM control, which maintains equal trace length between the CPU and memory module channels. Reduced latency increases memory overclocking margin by 15% for greater stability and faster frequencies with all DIMM slots populated.

SupremeFX III audio

Exclusive to ROG motherboards, SupremeFX III generates powerful sound for accurate gaming intelligence. Its signature Red Line Shielding technology ensures strong analog/digital separation for better clarity, while an EMI cover defends against interference. And it’s all driven by a massive 1500uF capacitor for instant power drain and current charging, with DTS® UltraPC II and DTS® Connect for complete game sound effect compatibility.

GameFirst II and Intel® Ethernet

Defeat network lag and latency while increasing bandwidth with network-enhancing technologies. GameFirst II, powered by cFosSpeed, delivers unique traffic shaping technology and packet management to prioritize applications for lower pings and an online gaming a speed increase, with newly-added EZ Mode and Advanced Mode offering detailed network options. Your skills can shine online at up to eight times faster performance*, all via a friendly interface. Intel® Ethernet helps lower CPU utilization, resulting in overall better connections and system efficiency.

SLI™ and CrossFireX™ in 3-way – done!

Amass graphics might with great board layout designed for multi-GPU configs. Crosshair V Formula-Z welcomes your hardcore shopping lists, so don’t hold back and gain the graphics muscle required for your extreme gaming and benchmarking aspirations.